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Introduction to Sensory Analysis

Résumé de la formation

  • Type de diplôme: Certificat d'école
  • Domaines de compétences: Agronomie – Agroalimentaire – Œnologie



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This SPOC explains simple sensory analysis methodologies that can be used by expert or consumer panels (random organization and coding of the samples, exploitation of the results by various statistical tests easily accessible on the Internet) with real datasets.


  • Acquire the basics in sensory analysis.
  • Mastering sensory analysis methods that can be used in many agronomic, chemical, pharmaceutical and marketing fields, taking into account different presentation biases and measures of significant differences between samples.




Contenu de la formation

A) The various sensory analysis tests

1. Sensory analyses
  • Terminology, areas of development
  • File: Sample Preparation Advices
  • File: Factors Influencing the Implementation of a Test
  • Evaluation : Exercise about the above files

B) Methods and tools for sensory

2. The triangular test
  • The triangular test
  • Method with an example
  • Activity: setting up a triangular test - taking illustrative pictures (samples + codes)
  • File: questionnaire for the triangular test
  • Evaluation: Uploading a picture file + exercise (triangular test)
3. The ranking test
  • Method with an example
  • File: ranking test questionnaire
  • File: presentation table of the results of the ranking test and the LSD (least significant difference) between ranks
  • Evaluation: exercise (analysis of a classification test)
4. Descriptive analysis
  • The descriptive test
  • Method with an example
  • The LSD between notes and ANOVA (analysis of variance)
  • File: Structured and continuous scale
  • File: questionnaire for descriptive analysis with continuous scale
  • Statistical tools for sensory analysis
  • Assessment: exercise (interpretation of a descriptive analysis results table)
5. Hedonic analysis
  • File: Hedonic analysis, definition
  • File: Data table for evaluation exercise
  • Evaluation: exercise (hedonic analysis by classification or notation)


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  • Toulouse

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